Antari Z1520 1500W Fog Jet with 22x3W RGB LEDs and DMX

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Antari RGB Fogger
Antari Z1520 1500W Fog Jet with 22x3W RGB LEDs and DMX
The Antari Z1520 combines the dramatic effect of RGB LED lighting with a high output vertical smoke machine to produce stunning plumes of coloured fog.

Controlled by either the included wireless remote control or on board DMX, the Z1520 adds a new dimension to shows, productions or events.

Best used with Antari FLC fast dissipating fluid - FLC5.


* Power: 240V, 50-60Hz
* Power Consumption: AC-120V/230V/ 1650W
* Output: Height 5M, width 1 M
* First Heart-up time: 5min
* Tank Capacity: 2.4L
* Fluid Consumption rate:: 150m/min
* Light Source: 22 x 3W LED (8R, 7G, 7B)
* Remote Included : W-2 Wireless Transmitter
* Weight: 10.4 Kg
* Dimensions (mm) :: Lx Wx H 418 x 295 x 210
* DMX : : On board

Shipping Volume: .028cbm
Shipping Weight: 10.4kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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