Wharfedale Q215 2 x 15 channel equaliser

Brand: Wharfedale
Product Code: Q215
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Wharfedale Dual 15 Channel EQ
Wharfedale Q215 2 x 15 channel equaliser
This Dual channel 15 band Equaliser shares the features of all the Wharfedale with constant Q filters to maintain even bandwidth even with extreme gain settings. The Q215 is rack mountable for easy installation into any audio rig, whether in the studio or on the road.

All models feature switchable 6dB/12dB fader range, with additional soft limiting to help avoid damage to your amp and speakers. A High Pass Filter has been included to remove unwanted low end and improve headroom. There's also a bypass switch and LED output meter to allow easy A/B comparison and assist correct gain structure..


* Bandwidth: 20Hz to 20kHz, +0.5/-1dB
* Frequency Response: <10Hz to >50kHz, +0.5/-3dB
* Dynamic Range: 108 dB
* Signal-to-Noise: 90 dB
* Weight: 3kg
* Dimensions / : 483x168x44mm (1RU) / 3Kg

Shipping Volume: .015cbm
Shipping Weight: 3.9kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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