Wharfedale TITAN15BAG2 Titan 15 Speaker Bag

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Wharfedale Bag for Titan15D speakers
Wharfedale TITAN15BAG2 Titan 15 Speaker Bag
The Titan Tour Bag is a padded nylon zippered carry bag that protects your Titan 15 loudspeaker. The Tour Bag provides extra protection during transit, in addition it is designed for both indoor and outdoor operations.

The front of the bag can be removed, revealing a heavy duty mesh screen that protects the transducers during use. The front panel is held in place by heavy duty Velcro and facilitates quick set-up.

An additional Velcro access panel is located over the input panel and allows full connectivity and control adjustment while the unit remains protected. There's also an entry point at the base that allows use of a pole mount while the loudspeaker is still encased.


* Material: Reinforced Nylon
* Fasteners: Velcro
* Channels : 8 - each with knob, fader, and three switches for each of the eight channels, respectively assigned to pan, volume, and solo/mute/record.
* Control: 3 Buttons on each channel - record, mute, solo
* Software: Supports numerous software titles including DAW programs
* Comes with: Korg editor and bonus software package

Shipping Volume: .001cbm
Shipping Weight: 1kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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