Antari HZ350 Haze machine / Wireless / DMX

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Antari HZ350 Haze Machine
Antari HZ350 Haze machine / Wireless / DMX
The HZ-350 is one of the latest entries in the Haze Machine Category from Antari. It adds further options such as the built-in wireless remote system, and an incredibly low fluid consumption rate - allowing the HZ350 as much as 21 hours of use per litre of fluid.

The HZ-350 is perfect for small to medium mobile users and hire companies, with an innovative LCD control panel now built into the machine allowing you to master the classic haze effect with little effort. The digital control system now lets users to set the timer and DMX address directly and accurately with just a few simple presses.

Requires haze fluid to operate - HZL1, HZL5 or HZL5W


* Power: AC240V, 50 Hz, 350 watts
* Output: 2,000 cu. ft (56m3)/min
* Tank capacity: 2.5 litres
* Dimensions / Weight: 490x270x315mm / 14.2Kg
* Weight: 14.2 kg

Shipping Volume: .042cbm
Shipping Weight: 15kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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