Antari HZ100 Haze Machine (2.5lt tank)

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Antari HZ100 Haze Machine
Antari HZ100 Haze Machine (2.5lt tank)
The Antari HZ-100 is a highly efficient and economic haze machine - one litre of fluid lasting up to 25 hours.

Compared to more orthodox fog machines, haze is a finer mist that catches lighting superbly and creates mood and ambience. The HZ-100 produces a constant and smooth haze well-suited to stage shows and club lighting effects.

For added versatility, a timer and wireless remote are available as separate purchase options.

Note: requires use of HZL Haze Fluid (available separately)


* Power: 240V AC
* Power Consumption: 240W
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: IEC 1m
* Fuse: 1A M205
* Power indicator
* Effects / Control: Optional Remote control
* Output power/level: 1000 cu. ft /m
* Tank Capacity: 2.5 litre
* Fluid Consumption: 25Hrs/L
* Input connection: Female TRS jack
* Hanging Bracket
* Colour: Black
* Weight: 12Kg
* Dimensions: 485x250x235mm / 12Kg
* Construction: Steel

Shipping Volume: .072cbm
Shipping Weight: 12.8kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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