Antari F1K F-1 Fazer

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Antari F1K Fazer with Wireless DMX on baord
Antari F1K F-1 Fazer
Following on from the success of the X310 Fazers comes the new F-1 Fazer which gives the X310 machines a complete make over using technology and features from Antari's F-series machines.

As expected from all high end professional Antari mahcines, the F-1 comes equipped with DMX onboard both wired and wireless as well as a self cleaning function which helps keep the machine running at its optimum at all times.

A highly efficient heater system coupled with quality air pump mixes air with fog fluid to produce a fine and dry light fog. The F-1 uses regular fog fluid at a rate of 8.5mL/min.

Antari recommends the use of FLG (heavy) fluid with this machine for best results (sold separately).


» Power Consumption:AC-240V, 800W
» Initial Heat-Up Time:5 mins
» Fluid Consumption Rate:8.5 ml/ min
» Tank Capacity:2.4 litre
» Control Options:On-Board Control Panel、
» Wireless DMX、W-DMX
» Connections:DMX 3+5 pin XLR、Neutrik PowerCon
» Weight:14.1 Kg
» Dimensions (mm):L 608 W 275 H 286
» Liquid Used:Antari FLG Liquid
Shipping Volume: .048cbm
Shipping Weight: 14.1kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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