Chauvet XPRESS100 USB - DMX Interface for 100 Channels

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Chauvet XPress 100 USB DMX Interface
Chauvet XPRESS100 USB - DMX Interface for 100 Channels
The XPress™ 100 provides a USB to DMX interface for up to 100 DMX channels. It allows for an unlimited number of shows when connected to a computer, but lacks the stand-alone abilities of other ShowXpress interface units.


• USB to DMX cable provides a compact and handy interface to the ShowXpress™ software
• Transmits data to up to 10 fixtures with a maximum of 100 DMX channels
• Create unlimited shows when operating with a computer
• Compatible with Windows┬«-based computers only

For ShowXpress™ Downloads, //www.chauvetlighting.com/showXpress-software.html


• Input Voltage: 5VDC USB
• Cable Length: 3.5ft (1m)
• Weight: 0.2lbs (0.1kg)
Shipping Volume: 0cbm
Shipping Weight: .2kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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