Light Emotion WDMX Wireless DMX transmitter / receiver

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Light Emotion Wireless DMX Transmitter / Receiver
Light Emotion WDMX Wireless DMX transmitter / receiver
The economical way to give your light system wireless remote control. Simply plug one in to your DMX controller and one into your lights and send and receive DMX signals and switch on. Each unit can act as transmitter or receiver, and has a range of up to 400m.

You can also use one unit as a transmitter then have multiple receivers picking up DMX from various locations within the reach of the transmitter - thereby making wireless DMX as an option to provide the service a DMX splitter does.

(Note: At least two units required - one as transmitter/and at least one as receiver)


* Power: 240v - includes piggy back IEC
* Power Consumption: 4.6W
* Current: 500mA
* DMX: Full 512 channels
* Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM - 126 Channels
* Range: 400m unobstructed
* Latency: 60ms
* Connection: Input: 3pin XLR-M/Output:3pin XLR-F
* Dimensions: 165x120x53mm
* Weight: 550g

Shipping Volume: .002cbm
Shipping Weight: .7kg

Warranty: 2 Years

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