Light Emotion STROBA LED Mini Strobe with 61 white LEDs

Brand: Light Emotion
Product Code: STROBA
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Light Emotion LED Mini Strobe with 61 white LEDs

Nothing beats a strobe as a classic and must-have party light! The STROBA uses 61 intense white LEDs to produce a strobe effect that will liven up any party. In the dark, watch people appear frozen each time the strobe flashes. A great stand alone effect or addition to any light show.


* LEDs: 61 white 10mm LED
* Flash rate: 2-20 flash per second
* Control: Speed adjust knob
* Dimensions: 158 x 158 x 180mm
* Weight: 0.5KG
* Constuction: ABS Plastic, removable front cover
Shipping Volume: .002cbm
Shipping Weight: .5kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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