Light Emotion LEDBAR1803 LED Bar Outdoor IP65 1m Wash Light 18 x 3w RGB 3-in-1 LEDs

Brand: Light Emotion
Product Code: LEDBAR1803
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Light Emotion LED Bar Outdoor IP65 1m Wash Light 18 x 3w RGB 3-in-1 LEDs

The LEDBAR1803 features individual pixel control and uses 18 3W RGB 3-in-1 LEDs to produce a powerful wash effect great for both indoor and outdoor events. Being IP rated, this fixture can handle being outside in the weather and when used indoors, a spilt drink won't cause damage. With a beam angle of just 15 degrees, it is perfect for lighting up walls with vibrant colour or equally as an effect in itself.

Under DMX control and individual pixel control, the user can create any effect they want vary the colour and intensity of any of the 18 LEDs. Using multiple units, apart from amazing patterns, you can even create recognisable text.


* LEDs: 18x3W RGB 3-in-1 Tri Colour LED
* DMX: 2/3/4/6/7/9/18/54/56 channel modes
* Beam Angle: 15 degrees
* Ingress: IP65
* Dimensions: 1028 x 90 x 128mm
Shipping Volume: .012cbm
Shipping Weight: 8kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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