Wharfedale TITANX15P New look 15" Passive 400W RMS 2-Way Moulded ABS Speaker.

Brand: Wharfedale
Product Code: TITANX15P
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Wharfedale New look 15" Passive 400W RMS 2-Way Moulded ABS Speaker.

The TITAN's have had a makeover! Now with a refreshed new and improved look, the TITANX12P is ideal for touring use and features a new and improved custom made 15”/2” voice coil, with moisture proof woofer and a 44mm titanium diaphragm compression driver. Even the cabinet has been tweaked to provide even better strength, durability and acoustic performance.

The elliptical 90°x60° waveguide horn provides clean volume dispersion and wide, even distribution of high frequencies. The cabinets of the Titan series are made of resonance-proof high density polyethylene with a structural foam finish. The result is a very lightweight and rigid enclosure, perfect for the road and a life of hard work.


* Power: 1600W PRG, 400W RMS
* Frequency Response: 50-18kHz
* Max SPL: 129dB
* Dimensions / Weight: 728x480x395mm / 25Kg
Shipping Volume: .219cbm
Shipping Weight: 26.8kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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