Wharfedale PMX700 powered mixer

Brand: Wharfedale
Product Code: PMX700
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Wharfedale PMX700 Powered mixer
Wharfedale PMX700 powered mixer
The PMX 700 powered mixer is suitable for use in a wide range of portable sound applications. Everything you need to mix and amplify microphones, and line level sources, is contained in one unit. This one-box concept speeds set-up time, and portability.

The PMX700 features built-in digital FX processing, improving your sound quality without the need for additional add-on processors. A graphic EQ allows fine tuning of the overall mix. Phantom-powered XLR inputs allows high-quality condensor microphone connection, with line level inputs offered with both 1/4” jacks and RCA connectors.


* Power Output: 2x150W@1KHz 4ohm RMS/ 2x250W@1KHz 4ohm peak
* Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz +1/-2dB
* Hum and Noise: -50dB (speaker output) -83dB (line out)
* Dimensions: 400x245x302mm
* Weight: 5.2kg

Shipping Volume: .045cbm
Shipping Weight: 7kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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