BT300BP Truss Box or Tri Truss 290mm Base plate 600mm x 600mm

Brand: Industry Gear
Product Code: BT300BP
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Industry Gear Truss - Box Truss base plate 600x600mm
BT300BP Truss Box or Tri Truss 290mm Base plate 600mm x 600mm
Box or Tri truss bass plate - used to all lengths of truss to stand upright. Incudes 4 half couplers to connect to truss pieces, as well as extra hole in base for tri truss set up,

290mm Truss is one of the most widely used truss in Australia. Perfect for general use over short runs, 290mm truss is used for DJ / band lighting trusses or small to medium shows where roof height or sight lines are an issue. All 290mm Industry Gear truss use the higher strength 6082 composition and feature 2mm wall thickness. Tubes are 2 inch (50mm), standard for most clamps used in setting up lighting.

Fast Connect System Using Conical Spigots, Pins and R-Clips without the need for time consuming nuts and bolts. Each piece of truss comes with one set of conical couplers, spigots and R-clips. Trussing is TUV approved and meets international manufacturing standards.


* Truss Type: Box
* Dimensions: 600x600mm Base Plate
* Connection: Global Compatible Spigot & Pin

Shipping Volume: .108cbm
Shipping Weight: 5kg

Warranty: 7 RR
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