Light Emotion LEDBAR5QUADO use LEDBAR1812 or LEDBAR1803 LED BAR Outdoor IP65 1m Wash Light 12x5w RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs

Brand: Light Emotion
Product Code: LEDBAR5QUADO
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Light Emotion use LEDBAR1812 or LEDBAR1803

LEDBAR5QUADO features extremely bright 12x5W quad LEDs installed in an IP65 rating fixture. This unit is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. The LEDBAR5QUADO couples this advance with low power consumption, and very little heat generation. It’s a fitting well-suited to lighting up external features and walls as well as a range of stage, theatre, and concert applications.

This product features three distinct DMX control modes giving the user flexibility in programming. In its highest mode - 51 channel mode - individual pixel control is achieved meaning the user can effectively program the fixture to produce any pattern or colour sequence they like. Under individual pixel control, numerous units can be used together to create basic patterns or even recognisable text.
> Power Consumption: 80W
> LEDS: 12pcs 5W (QUAD colour)
> IP rating: IP 65
> Dimensions / Weight: 1000x100x120mm / 5.2Kg


Outdoor LED BAR 4 IN 1
* Input power: AC100-240 V/50HZ-60HZ
* Power Consumption: 80W
* LEDS: 12pcs 5W (QUAD colour)
* Beam angle: 25 degree
IR signal and DMX signal available:
Selectable built-in programs, dimming mode, auto run, DMX mode, M/S mode by IR remote
* IP rating: IP 65
* Housing: Die-cast aluminum + tempered glass
Thermal protection
* Weight: 5.2 kgs
* Power cord daisy chain:: 6 fixtures max
* Dimensions / Weight: 1000x100x120mm / 5.2Kg

Shipping Volume: .028cbm
Shipping Weight: 8kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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