Light Emotion Z10 Compact Bubble Machine

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Light Emotion Small Bubble Machine, High Output.
Light Emotion Z10 Compact Bubble Machine
The Light Emotion Z10 bubble machine is a professional product built to last and survive hard working Australian conditions. The machine is a heavy duty solid build and comes with a timer remote so you can control the bubble output of the machine.

A large 1L tank and double bubble wheel ensures maximum bubble output for the longest time possible. When coupled with a quality professional bubble fluid - like Antari's BL5 - the bubble output reaches several thousands per minute with long lasting hang times.

Ideal for parties, weddings, schools, play rooms, clubs, anywhere really! Especially when kids are around - bubbles keep them amused for hours!
> Power Consumption: 40w
> Tank Capacity: 1L
> Fluid Consumption: 600mL/hr
> Dimensions / Weight: 370x200x200mm / 4.5Kg


* Power: 240VAC
* Power Consumption: 40w
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: Removable 1m IEC
* Fuse: Fast blow 1A M205
* Power indicator: on remote
* Effects / Control: Remote control with timer function
* Tank Capacity: 1L
* Fluid Consumption: 600mL/hr
* Input connection: Power - Male IEC
* Hanging Bracket
* Duty Cycle: None
* Colour: Silver and black
* Weight: 4.5Kg
* Dimensions / Weight: 370x200x200mm / 4.5Kg
* Construction: Metal casing
* Fixed remote 2m

Shipping Volume: .029cbm
Shipping Weight: 5.7kg

Warranty: 2 Years

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