Antari SW250W high output snow machine - Wireless

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Antari High Output Wireless Snow Mahcine
Antari SW250W high output snow machine - Wireless
The SW250W is the first snow machine to offer complete wireless operation as well as DMX on board for total control. The snow output can be adjusted from 1-100% so the user can create light gentle snow or a full-on blizzard effect.

Its maximum output is double that of the S100X and S200X models and is designed to handle the rigours of the professional hire and production market with ease.


* Power: 220V-240VAC/50-60Hz
* Power Consumption: 600W(Min output), 1290W(Max output)
* Output Volume: 250ml/min
* Fluid Consumption Rate: 4mins/liter
* Weight: 12.6KGS
* Dimension: L 544/ W 276/ H 228 mm
* DMX: on board
* Tank capacity: 5L
* Fluid used: SL5A / SLB5 / SL20B

Shipping Volume: .035cbm
Shipping Weight: 12.6kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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