Antari Z380 Compact Efficient 1500W Faze Machine with DMX onboard

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Antari Compact Efficient 1500W Faze Machine with DMX onboard

New to Antari's Z series is the Z380 fazer. Complimenting the compact Z350 fazer, the new Z380 offers the addition of a hanging bracket and a more powerful heater unit for increased output. The 1500w heater has a very fast initial warm up time of just a minute and a half.

Like all professional effects machines, the Z380 includes DMX onbaord and comes with both 3 pin and 5 pin DMX connectors. An LCD screen on the product allows for direct control without the use of DMX or an optional remote control.

An ultra-low fluid consumption rate makes the Z380 an incredibly efficient machine using just 6mL of fluid per minute at full output. Uses regular (FLR) or heavy (FLG) fog fluid.

The Z380 will be available in Australia later in 2015.


1. 1500W heater
2. Compact size yet powerful output
3. Both 3pin and 5pin in dual DMX connector
4. DMX offline auto power off function
5. LCD screen setup display user friendly
6. Equipped with hanger to add conveniences to your choice of hanging or lay flat
7. Big pipe design with smart auto cleaning function, no hassles for clogging by using Antari fog liquid
8. Adjustable fan and fog output
Shipping Volume: .038cbm
Shipping Weight: 8.4kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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