Antari W508 Wireless 800W fog machine

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Antari Wireless 800w Fog Machine
Antari W508 Wireless 800W fog machine
The Antari W508 wireless fog machine is ideal for smaller commercial applications, from the dance floor to the stage, mobile DJ work or in schools productions. These W Series units have a built in opto-electronic sensor (OPTO) that senses when the liquid level runs low and shuts down the heating element. This protects the units from overheating and burning out thereby extending the life of the fogger. Built tough, they can handle the club environment and touring.


* Heater: 800W
* Output: 3,000 cu.ft (85m3) / min
* Fluid consumption Rate: per tank. 60 mins
* W-1 wireless remote included
* Weight: 3.8 kg
* Dimensions: 315x128x166mm / 3.8Kg
* Tank capacity: 0.8 litres

Shipping Volume: .008cbm
Shipping Weight: 5kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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