Light Emotion F400 400w Party Fogger

Brand: Light Emotion
Product Code: F400
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Light Emotion 400w Party Fogger
Light Emotion F400 400w Party Fogger
This little fogger is perfect for parties and small events where fog is needed for enhancing lighting effects and the general atmosphere. Featuring a fast warm up time and low fluid consumption, this machine is an affordable solution for any occasion where atmospheric fog effects are desired.

Requires Light Emotion fog fluid sold separately.


* Power: 400w
* Warm up time: 3 minutes
* Output: 2000 cubic feet / minute
* Tank Capacity: 0.3L
* Spray Distance: 3.5m
* Controller: Wire only
* Weight: 1.4kg
* Dimensions: 230x110x110mm
Shipping Volume: .008cbm
Shipping Weight: 3kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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