Antari AIF-D1000 Low Lying Fog machine 1000W, holds up to 10kg of ice

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Antari Ice Fogger
Antari AIF-D1000 Low Lying Fog machine 1000W, holds up to 10kg of ice
The Antari ICEFOG produces the low-lying fog effect of a dry ice machine without the complications. Ten kilograms of regular water-based ice in this unit's chamber offer up to up to 80 minutes continuous effect, or as much as 12 hours of intermittent use.

The large tank capacity ensures substantial output, and the included Z8 remote control allows for hands free and timer-set operation. Suited for use in stage applications, haunted houses, and theatrical productions, it's also a popular choice for dance venues and retro parties.

Note: Also requires fogging fluid, available separately. Uses FLR1, FLR5, FLR20


* Power: 240VAC
* Power Consumption: 1050w
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: 1m IEC
* Fuse: 5A
* Power indicator: on mains switch
* Control: included Z8 wired remote (manual, continuous & timer modes)
* Output power/level: 285m3/min (10000 ft3/min)
* Warm up time: 4.5 min
* Tank Capacity: 2.5L
* Fluid Consumption: 1.5L / Hr
* Included accessories / features: Z8
* Weight: 24.4Kg
* Dimensions / Weight: 617.5x355x359mm / 24.4Kg
* Construction: Steel silver and black

Shipping Volume: .188cbm
Shipping Weight: 26.8kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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